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How to be a good Host/Hostess during the Holidays...or really at any party

Set the tone for your guests by sending out a physical invite It's a visual indicator of what your soiree is going to be like.

  • Set an rsvp date (at least two weeks out from event)

  • Indicate the attire and any special requests

  • Indicate what guests will expect for food (e.g. lite bites, hor d'oeuvres, buffet, dinner, desserts, etc.)

  • Send out an Evite save-the-date 4 -6 weeks out. This is also a good chance to get physical addresses if you don’t have them.

Think about your guest’s dietary needs when planning out the menu

  • Make sure you offer food options for everyone (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free options)

  • Make menu cards for your food that highlight the ingredients. Not only are they a nice added touch, but they can help avoid situations where people are allergic to certain foods like peanuts, shellfish, or mangos.

Beverage Planning

  • Offer non-alcoholic options (e.g. punch, flavored water, a mocktail)

  • Good rule of thumb for a cocktail party is 1 or 2 signature drinks, beer & wine

  • Offer a self-serve punch so that you bar doesn't get backed up

Welcome guests with a cocktailSet the tone as they enter and remember to play off your theme.

Enlist help so that you can spend quality time with your guests

  • Hire someone to help with things like greeting guests, taking coats, bussing tables, replenishing food/ice.

  • Hire or designate someone to take photos throughout the night (how many times have you had a party and never a got a chance to capture any pics 😩).

  • Think about having a bartender is it's a cocktail focused party.

Think about entertainment that relates to your event's mood or theme.

  • DJ's are great if you are looking to set the tempo and play to the vibe of the room

  • A low cost option is curating your own playlist (be sure to make it long enough for the duration of your party).

  • Live music is a great options (e.g. carolers, pianist,)

  • Don't be afraid to think outside the box (Does Santa make a midnight appearance at your cocktail party dispersing adult beverages to guests?)

Send your guests home with a keepsake or favorLeave them with something to remember like personalized shot glasses, champagne flutes, homemade cookies, or candy grab bags.

Personalized Shot glasses for a holiday cocktail party

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