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Project brief/

A holiday party that focused on hand-crafted, custom cocktails, a modern mash up of holiday tunes on vinyl and the geo industrial decor aesthetic ​of the loft. 

Lighting - Warm candle light was highlighted by a mix of soft blues & greens. 

Decor Highlights - Favorite decor moments include the 14' geo-modern decorated tree with oversized white globe lights, the custom fabricated 4' industrial bar, the wooden hoop wreath series with single suspended candles and the 4 x 8' entrance wall complete with party signage and welcome ornament drinks. 

Vendor Team /

Design & Execution  - Lucky Dog Studio 

Venue - The LDS Studio 

Catering - 12th Street Catering 

Mixologist - Lee Noble 

DJ - DJ Romain of The Spinning Kitchen 

Photographer - Juan Bacote 

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