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Custom Fabrication

Providing consultation, design and 

fabrication services. Our team specializes in creating custom pieces for events such as:

Pop Up Lounge Spaces

Event Signage 

Portable Bars

Photo Backdrops

Seating/Table Arrangement Pieces

Party/Wedding Favors

Table Markers 

Display Decor


Aerial Displays 

Set Design 

Chuppas /Wedding Arches 


STEP 1 - Meeting to discuss project scope. Our team  will meet with you in person or via phone/email about project goals, objectives, budgets, and event logistics. 

STEP 2 - After the initial meeting we will synthesize the info to create concepts in line with the project scope.  Concepts will be supported with applicable visuals including mood/story boards, sketches and budgets. There is a fee of $200 for this service that will be deducted from the project's total if the client decides to move forward with the project.  

STEP 3 - Concepts are presented to the client.  Any amendments requested  will be made. After concept approval, a contract with cost break down and payment schedule will be sent. Once the contract is signed for approval, material procurement and fabrication will begin. 

The Process

Frequent Questions

How long does the design process take?

After the initial design consult, it typically takes a week to provide first rounds of sketches, mood/story boards and budgets for the client to review. Edits and amendments are then dependent on the turn around time of the client.

Why do you charge a $200 fee for visuals?

Simply said, developing visuals, like sketches and mood boards, takes time in research and creation. We want our clients to be able to fully visualize the project and we find that, along with a written description, that these tools are  invaluable in doing so. If the client decides to move forward with the concept, the $200 fee is applied to the project total. 

How much do custom fabrication projects cost? 

Of course this depends of the project, but typically, custom design and fabrication projects usually start at $1000 and go up depending on the scope, complexity. and install logistics. Custom signage usually starts at $150+ while non-floral centerpieces start at $125 a unit. 

How long does fabrication typically take? 

Generally, it takes 2-4 weeks for fabrication depending on project scope. During this time materials will be procured, fabrication will occur, paint coatings will be applied and cured, and any custom branding will be applied. In the event of a client's short-term deadline, we can push the project forward in the project cue for an additional "rush" fee in order to meet the desired date.

When will my project be started after the contract is signed / deposit is submitted?

Our project cue is typically a couple weeks out, however, if materials need to be ordered, that is done as soon as the deposit is received (unless other arrangements are made.) If your project needs to be pushed to the front of the project cue in order to meet a deadline, a rush fee will be applied. 

What forms of payment do you accept? 

We prefer payment via check or cash. On occasion, we can accept credit cards , but an additional 3% finance charge will be applied to the invoice total. 

What is something needs to be changed after fabrications is started?

We understand that changes sometimes occur and we will do everything possible to accommodation those change orders at the lowest cost possible. 



Custom Project Examples

Lyft Lounge

Client requested a pop-up lounge/activation station for events such as Park(ing) Day, the Design Philadelphia Festival, and the Philly Auto Show. 

Mobile Bars

ReD Owl Mobile Bar

Client requested a portable bar for festivals that reflected the interior design of the restaurant.

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